An Old Friend Makes a BIG Update

Xenite.Org Movies PortalXenite.Org has been relatively quiet for the past few years because so much of the site was built on static HTML files that we have been unable to set aside time to add more content and redesign the existing themes. In 2011 we replaced the root domain’s content with a WordPress blog and launched a dedicated subdomain for Middle-earth and J.R.R. Tolkien articles. We now have nearly 800 articles, mostly original research answering questions from fans all around the world.
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Tolkien Fans Taking to the High Seas with Convention Voyages

Trilo3y VoyagesI’m trying to figure out what to call these group voyages. SeaCons, maybe, will probably take the pedestal but there are already several companies that have named themselves “SeaCon [something or other]” and I am sure they don’t want any more crowding in their namespace. I can only imagine what the trademark attorneys’ fees must be like in that little niche of industry.
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Science Fiction and Fantasy Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 11 and like many other people I have been trying to think about what I can do that isn’t quite the same thing I have always done. So I have been scouring the Web for unique ideas (there aren’t really any). I did, however, come across some less frequently shared ideas and that got me to thinking. What would you do for your mother if she was a hard-core, dedicated science fiction fan? My mother is not such a fan although she certainly enjoyed some of the bigger SF movies when they came out.
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Legend of the Seeker Fans Appeal to Sam Raimi Directly

I can’t go into all the politics behind the scenes of the fan-run campaign to bring back Legend of the Seeker — mostly because I don’t know all the details — but I can say happily that the campaign continues and just a few days ago I became aware of a new initiative.

Legend of the Seeker was a syndicated television show based (loosely) upon Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth novels. Goodkind always supported the show and the show’s fans, which I felt was remarkable for an author. Most authors cringe at the thought of allowing any film or TV production company near their work (at least during their lifetimes) because there are inevitably always changes.
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I rarely have a complaint about the quality of service from (it is, after all, a FREE blogging platform) but lately it seems like the good folks at Automattic have jumped the shark, lost touch with the mothership, gone off the deep end, and otherwise invested themselves in a forest of bad platform decisions best described by cheesy metaphors.

This silly fascination with infinite scroll is driving me nuts. Worse, it’s overheating my computer. I mean LITERALLY overheating it.
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SF Fandom Co-founder Dixie Has Passed Away

We were saddened to learn about Dixie’s sudden death yesterday. She suffered an apparent heart attack while at home by herself.

Dixie joined the Xenite.Org community in April 1997 when she volunteered to assist with the Xena Online Resources directory. Within a few months she had earned a place as team leader for the XOR volunteer editors and took on full administrative duties for all of Xenite by that fall.
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