Mizuo Peck returns in Night at the Museum 2

Who is Mizuo Peck, you say? Hehe! She co-starred with Ben Stiller and Robin Williams in 2007’s winter smash hit “Night at the Museum”. Mizuo played the replica of Sacagawea in the New York Museum of Natural History.

She recently hinted on her MySpace page that she would be in the sequel (despite the fact that IMDB had not listed her in the cast). Well, we now have solid confirmation that Mizuo will indeed reprise her role.

Watch the official trailer below and you’ll see our favorite Native American guide replica face off against one of American history’s more odious characters (sorry — I was just never a fan of Custer).

I had a lot of fun developing a Mizuo Peck / Sacagawea Web site on Xenite.Org earlier this year. It proved to be one of our most popular destinations for several months (and even sparked some controversy, which I hope we dealt with fairly).

I’m hoping we’ll see more of Mizuo in the future. And I certainly would not mind have to set up a Mizuo forum.

Anyway, “Night at the Museum 2” is due out in theaters in May 2009. It looks like it may even be better than the first.

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