Trailer for Roland Emmerich’s ‘2012’

The Mayan calendar, we are told, foretells world events until the year 2012, when it simply stops. Now, some people might suggest that the Mayans simply ran out of room on which to carve hints about the future in their magic rock.

Other people, however, suggest that the Mayan calendar ends the year the Earth ends. And that is where Roland Emmerich got the idea for his latest disaster flick, “2012”.

Never mind the fact there is not enough water on the Earth to bury the Himalayan mountains, the special effects in the trailer are nonetheless pretty cool.

I liked “Independence Day” and “Stargate”, which Emmerich co-produced with Dean Devlin. When those guys worked together (through Centropolis Films, which they have since sold off), they created real movie magic.

Lately, their work has been a little off. But maybe “2012” will turn things around for Emmerich. Time will tell … won’t it?

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