Middle-earth Talk Radio releases 5th episode

UPDATE: Due to changes in URL structures, you should use the link provided at Middle-earth Talk Radio Episode 5 provided by the Middle-earth Website on Xenite.Org.

If you have not heard about Middle-earth Talk Radio, you should drop by the site to check it out. There are several streaming feeds containing music from many artists who have recorded Tolkien-inspired music including Glass Hammer, Led Zeppelin, Ainur, and far more than I can possibly list.

To listen to the Middle-earth Talk Radio sessions, you need to log in to the Middle-earth Talk Radio Downloads page. Registration is free.

This episode was recorded on November 2. Although three more episodes have been recorded I don’t know when they’ll be released. The first five episodes are all still available for download.

Episode 5 topics include:

  • Opening music: Echoes from Rivendell by Gnomusy
  • Alan Lee, er I mean, John Howe ( 😉 ) and his blog.
  • Tolkien letter auction.
  • The Hobbit in 3D.
  • Lembas Recipe
  • Tolkien Letter #131, “Other Minds and Hands” quote – Debate over publishing LotR with The Silmarillion, and Tolkien’s insistence on the interdependence of the two.
  • Tolkien’s attempt to create an English mythology
  • Other Hands Magazine discussion
  • Trying to improve the “accuracy” of Middle-earth Role Playing, 2nd Edition and even 3rd edition (unreleased).
  • Other Minds Magazine discussion
  • Explanation of levels of “authenticity” in Other Minds Magazine for articles: “Core”, “Optional”, and “House”.
  • Overview of content in upcoming Issue #5
  • Michael Martinez Other Hands article on …..
  • Michael Martinez unfinished project History of Middle-earth
  • Closing music: Tinuviel by Amethystium

The opening music piece is about 15-18 minutes long. The talk begins after the music, so you can skip the first 15 minutes if you don’t want to listen to an instrumental Tolkien-inspired song.

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