RobRoy reviews Bedtime Stories

Adam Sandler continues to experiment with bizarre twists on old ideas. In his latest movie review, RobRoy shares his thoughts on ‘Bedtime Stories’.

It’s interesting that the official trailer was uploaded to YouTube by Disney UK. You have to wonder what sort of marketing strategy works from that angle.

The Official Bedtime Stories Web site is hosted at

Lucy Lawless fans will be glad to see her return to the silver screen as Aspen in this movie.

Courtney Cox appears as Wendy. Carmen Electra also appears in the movie so I suppose that means she won’t be appearing in any spoof movies.

Check out cast listings at IMDB.

Can you imagine what they might call that? “Another Adam Sandler Film”. He plays a guy who tries to have 50 first dates with the same girl but she tells stories that keep coming true and he is tormented by his co-worker buddy whose recent divorce has bankrupted him and he can’t get any benefits and everything depends on the outcome of a football game between two old school rivals.

Nah — Hollywood would never want to produce something so stupid….

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One response to “RobRoy reviews Bedtime Stories

  1. Adam Sandler tends to surround himself with gorgeous women in all his movies, this one being no exception