1950s color SF show makes bad prediction

An enthusiast for old television shows uploaded this clip from Science Fiction Theater, which is in color. Although the clip was shared for the unique quality of the color recording (almost all television shows were recorded in black-and-white at the time), the host (Truman Bradley) introduces his audience to a mechanical man device, explaining its industrial uses.

Bradley speculates that we may soon have mechanical men in our homes. Hm. Well, here it is 50 years later and we’re only just now playing with mechanical men in our homes. ASIMO is probably the best-known human-form robot today. They are not cheap to make and you’re not likely to have one in your home any time soon.

One researcher has developed a life-like female robot but she doesn’t seem to be capable of doing much. So we’re not quite ready to be serviced like the Jetsons just yet.

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