Russian SciFi movie premier on video

We Americans tend to be rather insular about our science fiction. It’s not that language is the only barrier between us and science fiction from other parts of the world. It’s just that we set certain expectations for our science fiction and we sort of just ignore whatever doesn’t meet those expectations.

The British SF series Dr. Who is exceptional for having captured the imagination of American audiences. There are only a few other oversees shows that have achieved similar recognition (unless you look at Anime, in which case we’ve totally gone over to the Japanese industry’s expectations).

This video clip is just a news report about the opening of a Russian science fiction film called “Inhabited Island”. It is remarkable to me simply because I don’t get to see these types of reports, but even more so because it acknowledges an American influence.

You’ll see some scenes from the movie itself, along with interpreted interviews with the lead actor and director.

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