Newsletter for Tolkien fans launches

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien had a pretty good year in 2008. They saw the publication (after many years of hoping and waiting) of The Children of Hurin, which combined nearly all the texts associated with the story of Turin (only the significant “Wanderings of Hurin” was omitted for inexplicable reasons). And John Rateliff’s long-awaited History of the Hobbit saw publication, as well as Tales From The Perilous Realm, an update of previous Tolkien short story collections.

But 2009 also holds a lot of interesting events of interest to Tolkien fans. With all the new Tolkien books being published (yet another by J.R.R. Tolkien is due out this year) and with production about to begin on the two “Hobbit” movies, there is a lot of news percolating across the Web.

So there is a new Hobbit News newsletter Tolkien fans can subscribe to (or read on the Web without registering). Hobbit News has been set up as a Yahoo! Group to make it easy for people to sign up and control their subscriptions. They can also browse an associated links directory of Tolkien-related sites.

The first issue of Hobbit News is now online, packed full of interesting news and information.

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