Stargate: Atlantis wraps it up

SciFi broadcast the last episode of Stargate: Atlantis tonight. At the risk of disappointing people who don’t like spoilers, here is basically what happened: They brought Atlantis back to Earth.

“Enemy at the gates” is the name of the last episode. I’m not sure why they chose that name — it evokes all sorts of imagery for me. Of course, they bring a Wraith ship to Earth and soup it up just to make sure it’s more challenging.

They began running promos for the third series, Stargate: Universe, during the evening. No real details provided, just some concept art. We did find out, however, that Robert Carlisle has been cast as the lead in Stargate: Universe.

One happy point is that Rodney McKay ended up with Jennifer Keller (or should I say that Jennifer ended up with Rodney?). Robert Trebor, who played Salmoneus on Hercules and Xena once told fans of the shows that he commented to Rob Tapert (who married Xena star Lucy Lawless): “It’s nice when the average guy gets the girl”.

Hm. Maybe that explains why Salmoneus mysteriously vanished from the shows. Anyway, it was nice to see they found a girl for Ronan, too. Everyone but John ended up part of a happy couple.

They also paid tribute to General Hammond (played by the late actor Don S. Davis, who died last summer after appearing in the final Stargate: SG-1 DVD movie) by naming a new starship after him. It was a nice touch.

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