Mass. Smith College examines three SF films

Interterm Science Fiction Film Series
Although Hollywood has never been accused of making a movie that was too scientifically accurate, they sometimes hide a few real biological ideas amid the suspense, thrilling chases, and big explosions. In this mini-series, we will show three Hollywood movies with biological themes: X-Men, The Thing, and Pitch Black. Each movie will be preceded by an overview of the biological principles it addresses, and we will conclude after watching the film with discussion and question period focusing on the biology in the film.

All films start at 7:30 p.m. in Seelye 106

January 12: X-Men (2000)
Genetics: Mutations and their effects on phenotype and physiology.

January 14: The Thing (1982)
Development: Focusing on stem cells and cell differentiation.

January 16: Pitch Black (2000)
Ecology: Food webs and resource partitioning.


The school is located in Northampton, should you want to check out the film series. I don’t believe I ever saw “The Thing” but I have seen the other two movies. “Pitch Black” actually presents more science with its fiction (in my opinion), although I thoroughly enjoyed “The X-Men”.

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