YouTube Channels for SciFi Fans

It’s not easy to find the latest interesting movie clips, trailers, and promotional videos on YouTube. No one has yet organized a cool YouTube dashboard for users. Nor does YouTube make it easy for content providers to make people aware of their content.

While you may enjoy browsing student films, home-made videos, and the occasional unauthorized screen capture, did you know a growing number of professional studios and media creators have set up YouTube channels where you can watch trailers, special media clips, and stay on top of the latest official video promotions?

Of course you did. You probably knew that before me, too.

So I’m compiling a list of official channel sites on YouTube that may be of interest to science fiction and fantasy fans. I’ll also throw in a link for The BBC Channel on YouTube because, frankly, I like the BBC.

Please let me know of any other official YouTube channels you find in the comments. Be careful, though. Some fan Web sites are trying to look like official film studio channels without actually claiming to be the film studios. That’s a very sneaky tactic that, I suppose, helps build visibility for some fan Web sites but it’s an invitation to a round of cease-and-desist notices.

There are two channels for movies in the list. To be honest, I think that is a total waste. The film studios are still exploring YouTube’s potential but a movie has a very short production lifespan compared to a film franchise or a film studio. I think the high profile film industry should be concentrating on developing single channel resources, at least for now, so that fans can regularly check in and see recent content.

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