Lost In Space robot actor dies

Bob May did not provide the unmistakable voice for Lost In Space‘s robot (“Danger! Will Robinson! Danger!”). He was actually the guy inside the robot suit, flinging those rubber hose arms around and rolling along behind the Space Family Robinson on their many adventures.

June Lockhart recalled that Bob May had to memorize the entire script for each episode so that he could do his thing on cue (when the actors spoke to the robot, or something else spurred him into action).

May also worked on shows like The Time Tunnel, McHale’s Navy, and The Red Skelton Show. While his career was not fully invested in science fiction and fantasy, he worked on many shows and movies that an entire generation of science fiction fans grew up watching in-between reruns of Star Trek, Lost In Space, and Gilligan’s Island.

We never really knew he was there. We just knew someone had to be inside the robot suit.

Rest in peace, Mr. May.

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