Watch the trailer for “Outlander”

What would happen if the Vikings were confronted by space aliens? This movie, 18 years in the making, offers one possible scenario.

There are some little anomalies we’ll have to overlook because real history sometimes had to make way for cinematic story telling. IO9 takes a closer look at the movie’s history (and a lot of concept art).

I started an “Outlander” thread at SF-Fandom. I’m not sure of how much historical interest the movie will inspire but we do occasionally discuss the Vikings in our Medieval Studies Forum.

When I was in college I grabbed every book I could find on the Vikings and my personal library still contains several books about Viking history and culture. They were an offshoot of the ancient Germanic peoples and maintained close cultural and military connections with other Germanic peoples across Europe.

There was a fascinating article on Science Daily recently which discussed a genetic study that concluded many early Icelandic women were more closely related to modern Sottish, Irish, and Scandinavians than to modern Icelandic people. The implication is that a minority of families gave rise to most of the current Icelandic population, whereas most of the early women were apparently brought to Iceland from a variety of lands by Viking warriors.

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