J.K. Rowling awarded French Legion of Honor

The Associated Press is reporting that J.K. Rowling has bee awarded the French Legion of Honor. She is the second member of her family (after her great-grandfather earned the medal for courageous behavior on the battlefield in the First World War).

Here is an excerpt from the article:

President Nicolas Sarkozy bestowed the title of knight in the Legion of Honor on Rowling, who used her acceptance speech to apologize for the quality of her French accent and for having given one of the villains in her series a French name.

“I cannot say that I think that I truly deserve it, but the Legion of Honor has a particular and personal meaning,” she said in a ceremony in an ornate presidential palace ballroom.

One of her great-grandfathers, who was French, had received it in 1924 for his courage in the Battle of Verdun during the First World War, she said.

Rowling also thanked her readers in France “for not having held a grudge against me for having given a French name to my evil character” in the series — Lord Voldemort.

Read the full article here.

Well, it’s not for me to say whether she deserves that particular award, but I think that given the fact she has assigned millions of dollars in royalties to charity, J.K. deserves some sort of recognition somewhere.

The Harry Potter books have touched hearts around the globe. All I can say in conclusion is, “Well done, J.K. Rowling! Well done, J.K. Rowling!”

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