Orlando Bloom to star in SciFi flick ‘The Cross’

Screenwriter/director Andrew Niccol has reportedly signed Orlando Bloom to star in his next movie, “The Cross”.

Orli is still filming “Sympathy for Delicious”, ducking photographers and fans in his movie wig (not too successfully). The ladies will be glad to know Orli is taking his shirt off for at least one scene, I suppose.

Niccol wrote and directed the movies “Gattaca”, “The Truman Show”, “S1m0ne”, “The Terminal”, and “Lord of War”.

In “The Cross”, Orlando Bloom’s character struggles to cross a border that is defended by Vincent Cassel’s character.

According to Variety, the movie has a budget of $24 million and it will be filmed in Australia beginning in July. Olga Kurylenko (“Quantum of Solace”) also stars in the movie.

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