Barrier TV production turning to CGI

In October 2007 I launched a special fan site on Xenite.Org for a proposed television show called Barrier. The concept is a science fiction show set in the 25th century, where a space-faring family living on a reconditioned Navy freighter is trying to make its fortune in interplanetary racing.

The official Web site has some neat concept art and several teaser trailers (you’ll need Quicktime to view them).

The production crew’s official Barrier blog has had sporadic activity over the past 14 months. They were looking for funding and a connection to develop the show for television. Of course, a lot of people want to get their shows produced and the world economy hasn’t helped independent production companies very much.

That said, last year Sheldon Whittaker (leader of the team) proposed the idea of doing a purely CGI format. He was tentative and I encouraged him to give the matter serious consideration. After all, Amanda Tapping’s rather tepid Sanctuary started out as an Internet production in 2007 before it was picked up by SciFi.

If you have an interest in independent science fiction productions, check out the Barrier TV project and drop by their blog. Give them some encouragement.

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