Upcoming Battlestar Galactica news

The BSG fan community does a pretty good job of covering Battlestar Galactica news, right down to the various weddings of cast members. Still, I came across two items I had not seen before and wanted to say a little something about them.

First, this June we’ll be treated to a made-for-television movie called a href=”http://www.patriotresource.com/bg/insights/spoilers/tvmovie2008.html” target=”_blank”>Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (Warning: massive spoilage in that article). Directed by Edward James Olmos, the movie tells much of the BSG story from the Cylon side, presumably giving the Cylons a chance to explain the whole “they have a plan” thing from the opening credits.

I suppose I’ll watch the movie but, frankly, this sounds like Reverse Angle Reply science fiction. Will they really be able to explore aspects of the characters and drama that we have not already seen? At least Olmos is directing the movie — he seems to be dedicated to the premise that BSG has a human-interest focus. I would expect him to bring out the human side of the Cylons while exploring their inhuman society.

Of course, fans are waiting for the new Caprica series (which launches in 2010) and we’ll supposedly be treated to a Dynasty-like 2-family drama focusing on the Adamas and the Graystones as the Cylons are (re-)invented, built, and go to war with humanity.

Okay, I’m yawning already. Sorry. That’s just me. Hopefully I’ll be surprised.

Another upcoming project, however, is Aaron Douglas’ Emissary. Douglas plays (Chief) Tyrol Galen in Battlestar Galactica, one of the “final five” Cylons who remains loyal to Adama. Douglas co-stars in a made-for-Internet project starring Philip Morris and co-produced by Morris and Dekker Dreyer. SciFi Wire interviewed Morris and Dreyer at a recent convention appearance.

You can check out the official Emissary Web site and see a trailer. Presumably they’ll upload more media as time goes on and enlist the aid of some fan Web sites in promoting the show online. I would guess they’ll hope to make the transition to a broadcast or cable television network, maybe in 2011 (the show begins distribution in 2010).

The Internet production option is being increasingly developed by professional actors and producers. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before someone creates a hugely successful Web channel that competes directly with cable television and satellite television networks. Traditional broadcast networks are increasingly threatened by new technologies and their audiences are shrinking.

Science fiction and fantasy shows may lead the way in the development of Direct-to-Internet entertainment models but science fiction and fantasy are only two of several niches that seem to be underserved by today’s television industry. History, science, and technology shows may also find opportunities to develop online markets.

The National Geographic already provides online video you won’t see on cable television. So this article is concerned with more than upcoming Battlestar Galactica news but I think the fact that Emissary is in production, using one of the more popular (in my opinion) actors from BSG, signifies that we are well into a transitional phase in our entertainment and communications experience.

I can’t wait to see what else is being developed for Internet distribution. I’m sure there are projects already out there — I just haven’t found them yet. But I will.

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