High School Meets SciFi Film and TV

I found two very interesting videos on YouTube. The first is a commercial for a high school science fiction and fantasy class. It appears on the school’s television network and shows just how creative the instructors for the class are. I hope the students who sign up for the class won’t be disappointed. It doesn’t sound like they will be.

The second video is the winner of an award in a high school film festival. But first, take a look at the commercial.

The video was uploaded by McKay Video Production for McKay High School in Salem, Oregon. From the outside, McKay High School looks like an ordinary high school. I’m starting to believe they have a pretty strong science fiction interest in Oregon.

Of course, high schools students don’t just want to read about science fiction. They want to experience it. And that’s just what the students at Blessed Trinity Catholic High School seem to do. The next video is the “Audience Pick For Best Film” from the 2008/2009 Chariot Film Festival.

This movie stars only high school students, and as I watched the first scene I thought, “Oh, another home movie”. There are many home movies available online now, where kids play their favorite characters from popular books and television shows. I hope they continue to make those movies, improving bit-by-bit upon their skills, set design, and costuming — and, most importantly, having lots of fun.

But this movie slowly reveals that a little more work went into it than you might believe at first. By the time you reach the cliff-hanging end of part one, you’re ready to click through to see part two.

That’s what good film-making is all about, isn’t it? Don’t let the low budget look and feel disappoint you. If you stop to think about it, someone put a fair amount of time and thought into the graphics and special effects that the film does include. It’s well worth a look.

According to the YouTube listing, “Expedition Earth” won several awards in the school’s film festival. I’m sure it will be enjoyed for a long time to come not only by the students at BTCHS but also by people here on the Web.

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