Time Travel for class project

This is another example of a student film that shows you don’t need a huge special effects budget or a professional film studio to explore the themes of science fiction videomatically (don’t ask if that’s a word).

The short film, “Antinomy”, takes on time travel, poking some fun at famous time travel movies and acknowledging just how much the concept has become part of our pop culture.

What would you do if you suddenly had the power to travel through time? What do you think would be the consequences of your stepping onto the escalator of time, moving out of your normal time stream? How would you try to deal with those consequences?

In case your’re curious about the movie’s title, the opening credits explain that an antinomy is “a contradiction between two statements, both apparently obtained by correct reasoning.” Sounds like everything you hear from Republicans and Democrats after a national election — except for the “correct reasoning” part.

Watch the movie all the way through. You know how it ends, but you still need to watch it.

Great soundtrack, by the way.

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