Videos for “X Minus One” radio re-enactment

I don’t recall if I ever heard of “X Minus One” before now. I used to listen to old radio shows when I was a kid on a progressive rock station that replayed 20- and 30-year-old radio dramas one summer.

My first experience with live radio drama came in 1992 at the 1992 World Fantasy Convention. The Atlanta Radio Theater Company performed H.P. Lovecraft’s “At The Mountains Of Madness”. The performance was riveting for me.

Although I’ve been to quite a few conventions since 1992, either my schedule didn’t permit me to catch similar performances or else there were no such performances in the programming. That’s a shame because with a good sound effects man, some good direction, and a working script several people can put on a darned good show.

There is, in fact, at least one convention that celebrates radio drama. The Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention is held every August (the 2009 convention will be held August 27-29 in Aberdeen, MD).

The three videos below were recently uploaded to YouTube. They record the 2007 performance of an “X Minus One” episode at the convention. You can watch the videos or just start them and minimize the window while you surf the Web. You’re almost transported back in time to the days when radio was the primary medium of entertainment and communication.

That’s what the whole nostalgia thing is all about, isn’t it?

Part One: “X Minus One” from 2007 Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Conference

Part Two: “X Minus One” from 2007 Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Conference

Part Three: “X Minus One” from 2007 Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Conference

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