The First Film Adaptation of John Carter of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs had no problem in bringing Tarzan to the big screen. The first Tarzan movie, starring Elmo Lincoln, was released in 1918. Tarzan eventually became a film icon, and one of the most successful movie franchises of all time.

ERB’s other great action hero, John Carter of Mars, was never so fortunate. Disney is presently developing a John Carter of Mars movie scheduled for release in 2012. Rumor had long made it out to be a Pixar production. Andrew Stanton (“Finding Nemo”) is writing and directing the film, which will be live-action.

John Carter is one of the more interesting of ERB’s heroes in that his stories are more about Mars and less about him. Carter is almost background scenery in many of his own adventures.

People have been trying to bring John Carter to the big screen for decades. This interesting video from YouTube shows some work that was done by famed animator Bob Clampett (Bugs Bunny) in the 1940s.

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