The science of scifi movies

Forbes takes a look at the science (or lack of science) in science fiction (and fantasy) movies. It’s an interesting article (for the most part — I’m getting tired of post-transition jabs at President Bush) that mentions a special program created by the National Academy of Sciences called the Science and Entertainment Exchange.

In the article, Forbes talks about how Zack Snyder worked with Dr. James Kakalio, author of The Physics of Superheroes, to bring as much realism to “Watchmen” as possible. Some aspects of “Watchmen”‘s superhero science are simply not possible. Dr. Manhattan, for example, could not exist.

The article also links to a 10-image slideshow criticizing popular movies for utilizing bogus science. The bogus science, of course, adds dramatic effect or moves the plot forward. It’s all fun and no one should feel defensive about the quality of their favorite movies. We need a little unrealistic science in our escapism, in my opinion.

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