Update and NorWesCon 32 report

So I fell ill some weeks ago and just did not have the energy to keep up with my blogging. I do apologize for the long silence but I’m afraid that happens once or twice a year (also when I get busy at work).

I did attend NorWesCon 32 here in the Seattle area last weekend and I really enjoyed it. I haven’t been a guest at a larger SF convention for several years and it was fun to get back into the swing of things.

I guess about 3,000 people attended the convention. While there I ran into Lisa Mantchev, who is one of the CompuServe IMPs, an online writers group I joined in the early 1990s. Many of us went on to get published (several members published SF/F novels and quite a few published short stories). Lisa was promoting her upcoming book, Eyes Like Stars. You can learn more about Lisa at her official Web site.

I also met a couple of the people involved with the fan Web series project Star Trek: Phoenix. They’re doing some very impressive work. I’ve suggested to Eric Watts that he should try to get them involved in Dragon*Con’s Star Trek fan track this year (Dragon*Con is North America’s largest fan-run science fiction convention, with about 50-60,000 attendees every year in downtown Atlanta. I hope something happens there but timing is everything and it’s already kind of late in the season to be adding things to D*C programming.

Among the panels I sat on was one about Orcs, and game designer Jeff Grubb also sat on the panel. Jeff was one of the guys who developed the DragonLance series and he was pleased hear that I loved his gnomes. I always thought the DragonLance gnomes had a very Ent-like quality in the way their names grow throughout their lives. Jeff confirmed there was an Entish influence there.

The masquerade was nice. I admit that everything seems to pale when compared to Dragon*Con’s masquerade but the NorWesCon masquerade ran for about 2-to-2-1/2 hours and there were some really good costumes, even in the novice category. One novice stunned the audience with his griffin costume, which had working extended wings. They filled the entire stage. I believe he won an award, too.

I have some other event-related news I’ll post later this week (not related to Dragon*Con or NorWesCon).

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