MERPCon moving to new venue for year five

Hawke Robinson has been paying for MERPCon out of his pocket in a five-year experiment. The 2009 MERPCon is the fifth and last of these events. Although there may be a sixth MERPCon, or something growing out of it, this will be the last year Hawke foots the bill by himself.

MERPCon is a small gaming event devoted to Middle-earth gaming. Hawke has been fortunate to be able to bring some notable Tolkien scholars and researchers to MERPCon through the years, including John Rateliff, Chris Seeman, Thomas Morwinsky, Joe Mandala, Cason Snow, and me. The presentations have been broadcast live over the Internet and Hawke keeps a chatroom going during the hour-long sessions so that people around the world can ask the speakers questions.

MERPCon V will be held July 24th, 25th, & 26th (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) at he Apple Tree Inn, 9508 N. Division, Spokane, WA, 99218, USA.

See the Web site for more information. And even if you’re not attending in person, please fill out the RSVP form if you want to check out the events. Hawke’s combined live event/webcast/chat room format is, in my opinion, fairly unique.

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