Trailer for Christina Harner’s Behind Every Illusion

I will probably find myself mobbed by requests for promotional help after doing this but I had to say something about the project. I have no idea of who Christina Harner is. She is the author of Behind Every Illusion, a book due to be published in August 2009.

I don’t know much about the book except what was mentioned in this trailer.

The idea of creating trailers for books is pretty new, in my experience. I know I occasionally saw a few TV commercials for books in the 1980s and 1990s but they were done for campaigns behind planned best sellers (or the self-promotional campaigns were well-funded). But a trailer is different from a commercial. A trailer is supposed to intrigue you and build your interest in something that hasn’t yet been released. We watch trailers for movies sometimes 2 years in advance of the movie releases.

Christy Harner’s trailer is pretty well-done, in my opinion (her progress blog says she did it herself). I think that if you’re going to promote your own books this is probably one way you need to do that. You need to pique a lot of people’s interest. YouTube has been flooded with videos about upcoming books, books just released, or books people have been doggedly selling for years.

YouTube may become a great vehicle for promoting books, but that has yet to be seen. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, there is a huge difference between what an established celebrity can do and what an unknown person can do online. You can only hope that the creative talent that goes into the video matches or is exceeded by the talent that goes into the book.

Insofar as I have not read her work and cannot actually recommend it to anyone, I still wish Christina (Christy) Harner all the best success with her project. May she become the next big Internet publishing sensation.

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2 responses to “Trailer for Christina Harner’s Behind Every Illusion

  1. Hello!

    Just happened to stumble upon this article as I did my hourly search for my name on the internet (please know that I’m kidding!). Thanks for the great review of my video.

    I actually wanted to add further comment to the subject itself; book trailers do seem to be a new vehicle for promoting books. In fact, until literally two days before I posted the video on YouTube, I had no idea people did book trailers at all. I then spent several hours scouring the internet for good quality trailers and found that the world of book trailers is quite an interesting one, ranging from high quality bestselling author’s ads to confusing, low resolution videos that made me NOT want to read the books at all. And, as you mentioned, one would hope that the book itself would not only be reflected in a good ad, but would surpass the trailer in quality altogether.

    So, sf-fandom, just so you know, I spent two nights on this book trailer and 1 1/2 years on the book. I hope that my book is one million times better than my trailer. And, yes, I DO hope to become the “next big Internet publishing sensation.” That would be marvelous. Thank you very much. 🙂

  2. Christy,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. I’m glad to help out. I know what it’s like to have to promote a book on your own.

    You might want to check out The Internet Authors Network. There is a discussion group on Yahoo! Groups for the IAN.

    Good luck!