Watch “The Hunt For Gollum” for free online

It’s officially released, now. The Hunt For Gollum, the unsanctioned Tolkien fan film that follows Aragorn as he searches for Gollum, was released on May 3. The non-profit fan group which produced the film includes professional film-makers and actors.

Rumor has it that the Tolkien Estate is aware of the film and has allowed it to pass into distribution in the hope that it will be good for the books. That is just a rumor that is circulating in the online Tolkien fan community so far as I have been able to determine. If I find confirmation or proof otherwise, I’ll publish a follow up here.

However, the successful online distribution of this fan film provides hope for the upcoming Born of Hope fan movie. “Born of Hope” looks at how little Aragorn came to be.

We have been tracking these movies in the SF-Fandom Middle-earth Movies Forum as well as on Middle-earth Talk Radio. And the movies have been discussed in Hobbit News and the Endor Mailing List and the Tolkien Studies on the Web Blog.

Okay — so did I include enough places for you to go read about the movies?

Note: The film release did not make it into Issue 8 of Hobbit News but you can be sure it will be mentioned in the next issue.

‘Nuff said.

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