New issue of Other Minds published

The Internet Tolkien journal Other Minds has now published its 6th issue.

Articles in this issue include:

* Clad in mail – an essay by Oliver Hauss about the technology of arms armour appearing in Tolkien’s works.
* Banks of the Northern Anduin – a great adventure by Johannes Lomborg about a Hobbit community in the Anduin valley
* Born of Hope – Introducing a fan-made film project that draws heavily on the story of Aragorn’s parents as described in the Lord of the Rings
* The Eöldrim – A campaign idea for a very special elven folk
* Book Review – Isildur – Reviewing the recent 2nd edition of the fan-fction book “Isildur”
* Númenórean Longevity – Detailing all aspects of the peculiar Númenórean longevity compared to other men
* White Hand Rising – A “what if” scenario detailing an alternative beginning to the Fourth Age
* Tharbad Map Name Changes – Glossary of recommended name changes in ICE’s Tharbad interpretation

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