Utah to be set for Disney/PIXAR Barsoom

News about the upcoming “John Carter of Mars” movie has been slow to trickle out to the general public. Carter is the first major adventure hero created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. He was the protagonist in ERB’s first serialized adventure story, “A Princess of Mars”, which was published in 1912.

Burroughs went on to write 9 more John Carter/Barsoom books and he had started an 11th book which was never finished. Burroughs’ son Coleman eventually wrote a John Carter story called “The Giant of Mars” and released that with the unpublished 1st quarter of the last ERB story for John Carter, “The Skeleton Men of Jupiter”.

You can read up on the whole Barsoom & John Carter series in a WorldFAQ I wrote many years ago.

So enough about ERB and me. The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that at least part of the upcoming “John Carter of Mars” movie will be filmed in Utah’s desert region.

To be honest, I don’t remember any deserts on Barsoom but given that PIXAR and Disney are collaborating on this film it stands to reason there will be considerable animation mixed in with live action. Maybe they’ll do something like they did with “WALL-E”. Or maybe they’ll do something entirely different.

The article says that filming will last 45 days and the production has committed to spending over $27 million, including hiring several hundred locals for the production. That sounds like good news for Utah’s economy and great news for Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Carter, and Disney/PIXAR fans who have been waiting a long, long time for this movie.

We have been following developments on the John Carter of Mars movie closely at SF-Fandom. There is more than one John Carter of Mars movie discussion in our Pulp Authors Forum.

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