Accelerating innovation through grants

The Daily Tell reports that The Life Technologies Foundation is awarding $2 million in grants to three recipients.

“The money will support research and discovery efforts being carried out at the University of North Texas for DNA-PROKIDS, the New York Academy of Sciences and the Science Museum in London.”

Scientific research has always been underfunded, in my opinion. I think it’s great to see a publicly traded company like Life Technologies Corporation (of which the foundation is a part) helping to fund new and continuing research.

And there is a humanitarian aspect to the work being done in the DNA-PROKIDS program because they are helping to reunite families.

Ultimately we need to increase science funding in several areas: medical science (specifically in addressing life challenging diseases and conditions), transportation science (specifically in developing new motor technologies), space science (for planetary research and colonization), and materials science (to extend our progress in applying scientific advances throughout our civilization).

I don’t think the governments of scientifically advanced nations are doing enough, but many well-funded corporations with technology interests have been helping to shoulder the burden of research over te past couple of decades. That is a trend which probably started with Bell Labs in the late 1800s and maybe a handful of other early research facilities.

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