Green Lantern is greenlighted for 2011

SciFi Wire is reporting that writer Marc Guggenheim has just finished “another draft” for the much-discussed Green Lantern movie.

Green Lantern was probably one of D.C. Comics’ most successful superhero lines. In many ways the Green Lantern is as powerful as Superman, having the ability to fly, pass through space unharmed, and take on colossal tasks thanks to the power bestowed upon him and his fellow Green Lanterns by the immortal Guardians of the Universe.

No news yet on who is to play the iconic character, but Guggenheim confirmed that the movie’s Green Lantern will be the Hal Jordan incarnation.

The Guardians of the Universe created their galactic-wide Green Lantern Corps to police the galaxy (so why weren’t they called the Guardians of the Galaxy?). Many Green Lanterns despite their considerable power are slain in the line of duty. In the comic books Hal Jordan came upon his predecessor, who had crashed in a spaceship on Earth, and who bequeathed his power ring to Jordan.

Some of the best Green Lantern stories (in my opinion) took place off Earth, especially when Jordan teamed up with other Green Lanterns. Their chief nemesis was Synestro, a former Green Lantern himself who decided to use his power for selfish purposes.

Guggenheim says no one has yet been cast in the role, so any rumors you may have heard recently are most likely untrue.

We’ll post more information as we find it at the Super Hero Movies Forum on SF-Fandom.

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