StoryForge presents Zerks Log

Zerks is an alien space captain whose ship has vanished, but his log files have been found. Story Forge presents an 18-episode online adventure that details Zerks’ journey through the space and which, possibly, solves the mystery of what happened to Zerks and his crew.

I watched this video on YouTube — it’s Episode 09. Some of the others have been uploaded but you can watch the series at They promote the URL on YouTube but that just redirects you to (not too cool, so I have provided the final URL here).

Ben Alpi plays Captain Zerks. You can find out more about the production on the StoryForge site. It’s worth a look, in my opinion.

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2 responses to “StoryForge presents Zerks Log

  1. Thanks for the mention Michael. We’re glad you think Zerks Log is worth a look! We are starting to work on Season 2. So more to come!

  2. You’re very welcome. I look forward to seeing more of your work.