Speaking of Nicolas Cage – The Sorcerer in ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’

Okay, by now you must have heard that Nicolas Cage will play the sorcerer in Disney’s live-action adaptation of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, which many of us fondly recall from “Fantasia”, where Mickey Mouse enchants a broom to do his chores for him.

Here’s the mundane stuff: IMDB’s page for the movie, some pictures of Cage in costume published in March 2009, and a recent blogarticle about some accidents on the set that led to injuries.

People are snickering at the movie without actually having seen it, and that kind of anticipation always amazes me. Everyone sort of built up “Watchmen” as this avant-garde retro-comic movie and I figured it would do well at the box office right up until it bombed. So who cares what the movie critics think?

Well, if Disney screws up the movie by NOT treating the subject matter with respect, it won’t be the first time they talk down to the audience and chase serious dollars away. One critic compared this project to “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Hm. Well, if that was meant to foreshadow a low quality movie, clearly the critic has no idea about what constitutes quality.

To be honest, if there is lots of plot, plenty of action, and at least reasonable characterization then so long as the movie is fun it should be okay. Disney doesn’t have to crank out heart-wrenching dramas to win hearts and make millions of dollars. As long as they entertain their core audience, that’s really all that matters.

I’m sort of looking forward to the movie — but maybe that’s just me.


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