Bruce Hopkins joins Barrier cast

Bruce Hopkins has been acting professionally for almost 20 years. Fans of Hercules, Xena, and Power Rangers have seen him in many roles through the years. Bruce also played the Rohirric warrior Gamling in Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings”.

I interviewed Bruce in 2003 for Xenite.Org’s Lord of the Rings news. He was very polite and professional. Several of my friends have met Bruce at conventions and they all gave glowing reports about his interaction with fans.

If you’re not familiar with the Barrier production, let me share a few words about that. In 2007 New Zealand writer Sheldon Whittaker contacted Xenite.Org about a science fiction television show he was putting together. The original site no longer exists although you can see an archive copy here.

The project was looking for funding and an entry into the U.S. television market. I was so enthused I built this Barrier TV site to help promote the project.

Over the past couple of years, as the economy soured and it became obvious that traditional production channels were not going to move on the project, Sheldon used his Barrier TV Blog to keep interested fans up-to-date. The project is going forward as a made-for-Internet movie.

And recently Sheldon announced that Bruce Hopkins is joining the cast, taking on the role of Dante Lau.

You can watch the Barrier teaser trailer here to get an idea about the show.

The blog is loaded with concept art and more information about the writers and crew. Be sure to check it out and keep an eye out here and there for more news as it comes along!


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