Canadian SciFi author Phyllis Gotlieb dies

I know nothing about Phyllis Gotlieb but her passing made news and I feel I should say something. Her biography reminds me of Andre Norton, but I don’t feel it would do either author any courtesy to call Gotlieb a Canadian Andre Norton (or to call Norton an American Gotlieb).

The CBC published an obituary for Phyllis Gotlieb on July 15, 2009. She was nominated for a Governor-General’s Literary Award in 1970 for her poetry collection, Ordinary Moving. Just being nominated is certainly an accomplishment.

She grew up on pulp science fiction and fantasy heroes like Doc Savage and The Shadow. According to the article, Robert J. Sawyer credits her with helping Canadian SciFi authors break into the highly competitive American markets.

I don’t know how long her official site will be left available, but you can learn more about her work here for now. Other sites paying tribute to Gottlieb include The National Post, SF Crows Nest, and IO9, who call her “the Mother of Canadian Science Fiction”.


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