Are Emmy awards embracing science fiction?

I wasn’t going to comment on the 2009 Emmy Awards (which will be broadcast in September) because, frankly, I find Awards shows to be rather boring and meaningless. But I digress.

Two articles caught my attention.

First, Jason Hughes at TV Squad takes a moment out of his life to chastize the Emmy Awards for not rewarding Battlestar Galactica for its artistic accomplishments.

I watched the whole show from mini-series through to the last episode and enjoyed it very, very much. Along the way Ron Moore’s Galactica has won accolades from many quarters, including even some of us old die-hard original series fans. But do we need to get up in arms over the Emmy Awards if they don’t send off Galactica the way the Academy Awards held back for two years before handing Peter Jackson and crew a “Well done!” round of awards?

To read Hughes’ article, one might think that the Emmys are unfriendly to science fiction — but then I found this article by the Examiner which lists all the science fiction shows that have been nominated for Emmy awards.

That’s quite a list (well, it seems like a big list to me — but then I don’t track award shows).

Are the Emmys unfriendly to science fiction and fantasy? Is that attitude turning around? Should we really care?

Frankly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Then again, maybe if I were a nominee I’d be a little more excited. I view awards shows as something like participating in the local school play or summer baseball league. The only people who care are those who participate but their passions may run deep.


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