Listen to “Raw Hobbit” from MERPCon V

I had fun doing the “Raw Hobbit” session with Tolkien fans at the MERPCon V gaming event on Saturday. Hawke Robinson has now uploaded the audio (and I think video) to the MERPCon Web site.

You can listen to me interview members of the audience in “Raw Hobbit”, which was inspired by William Shatner’s “Raw Nerve” talk show, where he sits in a chair that faces past his guest’s chair and they discuss tough subjects.

I still don’t see the video as I write this, but you should be able to watch “Raw Hobbit” here when the video becomes available. Hawke had some technical problems with the camera and he said he thought the video would be a bit rough.

“Raw Hobbit” lasted about 47 minutes. I do hear static in the audio feed, especially when my guests were talking. I wore the microphone and they had none. You should be able to hear most of what is said.

“Raw Hobbit” was broadcast live from the event and there were no scripts or cue cards.

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