Russell Crowe makes cancer donation

Australian actor Russell Crowe, working on his “Robin Hood” film in the UK, stopped to have lunch at a cafe beside a cancer research center. He spontaneously donated about $1600 to the research center, according to The Daily Tell.

This sort of reminds me of Kevin Sorbo’s plea for donations to A World Fit For Kids, which I’ve been linking to from the Xenite.Org network (that is, I’ve been linking to A World Fit For Kids. Kevin is asking people to make $6-a-month donations.

Of course, many actors and other entertainers use their fame to help less fortunate people. Actor David Arquette is seeking to help raise $250,000 for Snickers’ Feeding America program. Frankly, I’m kind of disgusted by the latest Snickers ads but at least they’re trying to do something good.

Kudos to Arquette for taking on a challenging task.


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