Warcraft and John Carter movies info

Sam Raimi has been slated to direct a live-action “World of Warcraft” movie, according to Tech Republic. We have a lot of Raimi fans at SF-Fandom and I have started a World of Warcraft movie thread there already. Keep an eye on it for updates.

We also have a lot of Edgar Rice Burroughs fans at the forums, and we’ve been collecting John Carter movie information there for years (mostly rumors that have now been rendered obsolete). I launched a new discussion thread for the John Carter of Mars movie in our General Movies Forum.

Note: It’s too late to plan for it, but apparently some Tennessee fans made a short H.P. Lovecraft film called “Beyond The Wall of Sleep”. Look for it at conventions and film festivals. Maybe they’ll put it online.

You may recall I recapped our John Carter of Mars movie information here on this blog in June.


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