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Middle-earth Talk Radio Episode 14
For those who missed out on the live broadcast from MerpCon V Tolkien Moot 2009, the podcast is now available. You can also still download the “Raw Hobbit” session as well. I’m also working on putting together the Tolkien Youth Panel podcast soon.

This is podcast #14 of Middle-earth Talk Radio. This is also our first live broadcast with a live studio audience, and live remote audience interacting with questions through the chatroom and from the local audience. This took place at the tail end of MerpCon V Tolkien Moot 2009.

128 bit MP3 format filesize: 54.3 MB (56,896,172 bytes).

Duration: 59 minutes 15 seconds.


  • Hobbit movie script weeks away from completion
  • Hobbit movies still unfunded
  • Hobbit movies threatened by Tolkien Estate lawsuit
  • Tolkien & C.S. Lewis
  • Why doesn’t Frodo just ride an eagle?
  • The rebuilding of Hobbiton
  • Various topics and discussions from the studio and online

View news release and download link here:
Middle-earth Talk Radio Episode 14

Middle-earth Talk Radio Episode 15
Greetings fellow Tolkien enthusiasts on this Tolkien Memorial Day,

A busy week for our audio releases too.
In addition to Episode 14, Raw Hobbit, and the Youth Panel, now episode
15 is available, just recorded late last night.

In this episode Michael and I cover:

  • Post MerpCon V Tolkien Moot 2009 discussion
  • Raw Hobbit now available for download
  • Spokane Tolkien Society Youth Panel now available for download
  • “Live recorded” Middle-earth Talk Radio episode 14 available for
  • Other Minds Magazine Issue 7 available. Discuss overview of
  • Middle-earth Radio streams outages status update, explanation, and
  • Government Program, Middle-earth Stimulus program “Cash for
  • J.R.R. Tolkien’s anniversary of his death.
  • DragonCon showing “Hunt for Gollum”
  • DragonCon showing “unauthorized peak at the upcoming Hobbit films”
  • Tom Cruise playing Bilbo Baggins 😛
  • L.A. Tolkien Fans celebrating Bilbo’s B-day again on the wrong
  • Any Serkis to be in C.S. Lewis production of “Screwtape”
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Beautifully hand “Illuminated” copy of the Silmarillion
  • Ian McKellin says he knows who’s cast in the Hobbit, but he’s not
    telling (yet)
  • Comments about “The Examiner”
  • Hobbit not going to be done in 3D.
  • Tentative settlement between Tolkien Estate and New Line Cinema

Download Middle-earth Talk Radio Episode 15 now.

Swing by to download all these episodes, and the special pieces from MerpCon V.


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