Claudia Christian joins Bruce Hopkins in Barrier cast

In February of this year I introduced readers of this blog to Barrier TV, a science fiction show concept proposed by New Zealand writer/producer Sheldon Whittaker. Sheldon and his team have overcome economic adversity through the past three years to not only keep their dream alive but now to bring it to the brink of fruition as a short movie (and hopefully an eventual television show as originally proposed).

In July I was able to announce that Bruce Hopkins (see his IMDB profile here) accepted the role of lead character Dante Lau earlier this year.

Now I can tell you that Claudia Christian (see her IMDB profile here) has accepted the role of Gallea Flynn. And Matthew Werkmeister (see his IMDB profile here) will be playing James Ngaio.

Set several centuries from now, Barrier follows Dante Lau and his crew as they face the challenges of the Barrier Racing League, a government-sponsored space-racing franchise intended to speed up design and production on space travel technologies.

You can follow the production’s progress at the [url=]Official Barrier TV Blog[/url]. We are following the developments at SF-Fandom.

I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. Good luck to Sheldon and the crew!


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