Xenite.Org and SF-Fandom support search for missing child

UPDATE: It appears that Celeste returned home safely. If that news is true I am happy for her and her family. I did actually schedule this article to be posted in advance, as I have struggled to keep this blog active due to my own busy schedule.

There are so many missing children out there, you feel a bit powerless to help them. But the truth is that we can help families search for their missing loved ones in a lot of ways. One way is to help promote the Web sites that seek to make people aware of kids who have been taken from their homes.

Many people may say, “Well, most of the children are runaways or have been taken by a parent”. Maybe some of them are, but some children have been snatched by strangers or people who lured them away from safety. We can be vigilant and hopefully recognize one of these children as they pass by on the street.

A few years ago when Elizabeth Smart was taken from her home the Xenite.Org network promoted the search for her. Some recent high profile cases where missing children turned up after years of being lost to their families led me to think that maybe it’s time to help promote the search for another child who hasn’t made it onto national television.

Celeste Christianssen is one of those children. Her story is heart-breaking as one would expect but what I find most distressing is that so few people seem to be aware of the Peace4 The Missing.

Maybe I can’t find the children, but I found the Web site and I’ll help promote it. I can do at least that much. We’re running banners on our network that feature Celeste’s picture and link to her family’s page for her. They have uploaded a video to YouTube.

You can help by linking to and promoting the Peace4 The Missing site. Let’s spread the word. Maybe we’ll help bring some children home soon.


3 responses to “Xenite.Org and SF-Fandom support search for missing child

  1. I’m a proud member of Peace4 the Missing and I want to thank you for promoting this amazing site. Peace4 not only promotes missing children but also missing adults. They also bring awareness to spousal abuse as many of the missing adult women may have been murdered at the hands of their spouse.

    What has been nice, a true blessing for the families of the missing, is that the founders, Sara and Delilah, have created a site where the families are wrapped in safety and can freely express their emotions. No crappy crime board (I call them hate boards) sleuthers on Peace4. The families come together and lean on each other, cry and laugh.

    Peace4 has gotten family members to open up and talk, share their stories and more importantly their feelings….some of these family members would have suffered in silence for years if it wasn’t for Peace4.


  2. I am more than happy to help promote such a worthy resource. I only wish there were no need for it.

    From time to time I’ll remind people about the site. And I have added it to my blogroll here.

  3. Thank you so much for recognizing Peace4 the Missing and for the link on your Special Sites.

    We’ve found that the general public has no idea of the magnitude this epidemic in our country, not only of abductions, but many of the missing have met with foul play, and all their family members want, need and hope for is to bring them back home.

    I’ve had the absolute pleasure meeting with family members who, despite the ongoing tragedy of their daily lives, have found a place that gives them comfort, solace, and a purpose.

    They unselfishly reach out their hands of hope to others in the same situation. They have found that together we can do great things, even if we can’t bring them all home, they know they are not alone in this journey.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for promoting our site.

    Co-Founder, Peace4 the Missing