Middle-earth Talk Radio Episodes 13 thru 15

Due to changes in URLs the most current links to various Middle-earth Talk Radio episodes are being maintained at Xenite.Org’s Middle-earth Talk Radio category.

I haven’t been able to keep up with announcements for Middle-earth Talk Radio like I had hoped. We’ve released three more episodes since my last announcement.

Middle-earth Talk Radio Episode 13 was recorded on July 13, 2009. Topics included:

  • Tolkien & RPGer negative clichés
  • Harvard offering Tolkien course
  • RPG Research Project
  • “Agent Elrond”
  • London Bridge & Tolkien tie-in with Osgiliath
  • Other Minds Magazine Issue 7 out this week
  • MerpCon V July 24-26
  • Live broadcast youth Tolkien panel
  • Broadcasting next Middle-earth Talk Radio LIVE from MerpCon on Sunday, July 26th 4:00 pm (we say 3:00 pm, but to allow for setup time, it will be at 4:00 pm)
  • MerpCon V will be the LAST MerpCon. Becomes TolkienMoot in the future
  • MerpCon will have live audio, video, and interactive chat
  • Xenite Hobbit News website redesigned and includes related news archives

You can download Middle-earth Talk Radio Episode 14 here.

Episode 14 was recorded live at MERPcon.

  • Hobbit movie script weeks away from completion
  • Hobbit movies still unfunded
  • Hobbit movies threatened by Tolkien Estate lawsuit
  • Tolkien & C.S. Lewis
  • Why doesn’t Frodo just ride an eagle?
  • The rebuilding of Hobbiton
  • Various topics and discussions from the studio and online audience.

You can view a news release and download link here.

We recorded Episode 15 on September 1, 2009.

  • Post MerpCon V Tolkien Moot 2009 discussion
  • Raw Hobbit now available for download
  • Spokane Tolkien Society Youth Panel now available for download
  • “Live recorded” Middle-earth Talk Radio episode 14 available for download
  • Other Minds Magazine Issue 7 available. Discuss overview of contents
  • Middle-earth Radio streams outages status update, explanation, and plans
  • Government Program, Middle-earth Stimulus program “Cash for Orcs”…
  • J.R.R. Tolkien’s anniversary of his death.
  • DragonCon showing “Hunt for Gollum”
  • DragonCon showing “unauthorized peak at the upcoming Hobbit films”
  • Tom Cruise playing Bilbo Baggins
  • L.A. Tolkien Fans celebrating Bilbo’s B-day again on the wrong day.
  • Any Serkis to be in C.S. Lewis production of “Screwtape”
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Beautifully hand “Illuminated” copy of the Silmarillion
  • Ian McKellin says he knows who’s cast in the Hobbit, but he’s not telling (yet)
  • Comments about “The Examiner”
  • Hobbit not going to be done in 3D.
  • Tentative settlement between Tolkien Estate and New Line Cinema

Look for the Middle-earth Talk Radio Episode 15 download link here.

We just recorded Episode 16 this past weekend. I’ll post a separate notice when it has been published.


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