Fringe fall season about to start

Fringe made the colver of EW as we get ready for the second season. The article quotes Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop on the show) as saying: “I hope they don’t put us (Peter and Olivia, played by Anna Torv) together. That would be so conventional. What’s interesting about this show is that in many ways, Olivia has the masculine role, and the two guys are the women. She carries the gun, they sit around and talk. I think that’s pretty cool.”

Hm. I wonder if those words will come back to haunt him. Years down the road, things you say and do that seem cool at the time have a way of making you look dated and wussy. I laughed pretty hard when reading that AOL retrospective on the 111 wussiest songs of all time. Yeah, I liked a lot of them and, yeah, they are pretty wussy.

You have to remember the future before it happens when you’re in the entertainment business, or so it seems to me.

Anyway, Anna Torv looks pretty hot on that cover — completely out of character for agent Olivia Dunham, who is supposed to be a no-nonsense Federal agent (not that they cannot look sexy — it’s just not the image of the character they built up in the first season).

The accompanying video covers the cover shoot (can I say that? Well, I did).

Fringe’s season second hits the airwaves on Thursday, September 17, 2009. Please join us in our Fringe Forum Discussion at SF-Fandom.

Here is a little teaser from Fox Broadcasting:


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