FCC Screws Consumers With Bogus Net Neutrality

Yes, I’m on my soapbox but this is a topic that really bugs me. Net Neutrality is a lie, has always been a lie, and will always be a lie.

The companies that want Net Neutrality want you and me, the average consumer who doesn’t use a lot of bandwidth, to pay for all the infrastructure they’ll need to sell “Power Applications” to a relatively small number of people/companies.

Right now the worst users are the so-called bandwidth hogs that companies like Comcast and AT&T have been trying to throttle — people whose file uploads and downloads are (as a class) generally suspicious to begin with. Why do these people need to download hundreds of megabytes of data to their home computers?

The average Internet user feels the pain through slow and distorted access speeds — what we often call “Internet congestion”. The carriers have attempted to reduce the amount of bandwidth these hogs use at the expense of everyone else’s comfort but there have been legal challenges.

Courts that don’t understand what is happening have been hurting consumers with bad decisions. Now the FCC has screwed consumers with a new ruling that strips Internet service providers of their ability to protect consumer interests.

If Google and Amazon want to create new applications that require tons of bandwidth, let them pay for the infrastructure through higher access fees. Until I use those applications I don’t want to have to pay for the new resources — nor should you want to pay for them.

My cable bill is already high enough. I don’t want Comcast coming down on me with higher fees just because the idiotic Federal Communications Commission doesn’t understand that Net Neutrality is really Net Favoritism.

I have not been very happy with the Republican Party the past couple of years but finally they have latched on to an issue with greater sense of compassion for the average American consumer than the Democratic Party. Republicans propose to derail the FCC ruling through legislation.

If you don’t want to see your Internet access fees start climbing just so people other than you can enjoy their illegal file downloads (or whatever), then I suggest you contact your Democratic Senators and Congressional Representatives and let them know you don’t want the FCC handing billions of dollars of our money over to pro-Net Neutrality companies like Google and Amazon.


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