Mary H. Schaub in hospice

Andre Norton fans know that Mary Schaub is one of Andre’s occasional and (in my opinion) one of the better collaborators who worked on the Witch World stories.

Mary H. Schaub co-wrote The Magestone, which explores the lost history of Alizon, one of the enemy nations that threatens Esctarp.

Sadly, this weekend Andre Norton fan Paul Goode shared the distressing news with other fans that Mary H. Schaub has lung cancer and has entered into hospice care in the SF-Fandom Andre Norton Forum.

Mary only contributed a little to Andre’s late work on the Witch World books but she made an indelible mark on the legacy of one of the most well-known “open” worlds in fantasy literature.

Andre Norton began inviting other writers to share her Witch World venue in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In addition to The Magestone, May also contributed one story to Flight of Vengeance: Witch World, The Turning (Volume 2) titled “Exile” and she wrote “Night Hound’s Moon” for Tales of the Witch World 1.

Her bio in that book says she is a “college-trained mathematician” who worked as a corporate bookkeeper until 1971. She has a short story, “Quarry”, in the April 1976 “Analog”. She also had a story, “The Court of the Timeshifters”, appear in the August 1979 “Galileo”. I don’t know if Mary published other stories but I would certainly appreciate hearing from anyone who may have a bibliography of her work.

My thoughts are with Mary, her friends, and her family.


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