Fox Television to air SciFi Western show

Geeks of Doom recently reported that Fox is planning to make a science fiction television show about a gunfighter who is “caught between two worlds”. Since GeeksofDoom compares the concept to Firefly, I guess I’ll call it Firefly-meets-Sliders.

One has to ask where Abbott and Costello fit into this.

Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing more about Harry Potter and the Emerald Key, but our chances of learning much about that are zilch, zero, zippo, etc.

Here is the thing about networks that don’t really support science fiction and fantasy: they toy with it because they have no idea of what they should be doing.

What is Fox Television known for right now? What’s its biggest show? I watch Fringe but that’s hardly a commitment to the genre in my book. Fox just doesn’t seem to want to go the distance with many shows. It plays around with them, screws up the format, and then dumps them.

Maybe if Fox decides to do Cops In Space or Fantasy’s Most Wanted, they’ll have a shot at a real contender. It’s not that their shows suck. It’s just that they don’t often allow a good concept to flourish.


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