Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo lunch auction in the news

The Daily Tell has picked up the story about Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo among other celebrities auctioning lunches to benefit cancer research. Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

The United Cancer Advocacy Action Network (UCAAN) will be holding a star-studded charity date auction featuring celebrities like Lois and Clark’s Dean Cain and Hercules’ Kevin Sorbo on September 24 to raise money to help cancer survivors become self-supportive and live a full life after their diagnosis.

Aside from Cain and Sorbo, the auction will also feature Dallas’ Morgan Brittany, Saturday Night Live alum Victoria Jackson, and voice actor Maurice LaMarche – who is best known for voicing The Brain on the popular animated series Pinky and the Brain.

United Cancer Advocacy Action Network says you can bid online if you send an email by 12 PM Thursday (September 24). I think that is Pacific Time (Los Angeles).

See also Kevin Sorbo auctions lunch with fan for charity.


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