Newfoundland SciFi con launches Internet TV updates

Having been involved with a couple of science fiction conventions, I well appreciate what it takes to get the word out and keep your members informed of what is happening. And let’s not even get into how hard it is to build membership.

I was impressed that SciFi On The Rock, a convention held every April in Newfoundland, has begun uploading video updates as part of what they call SciFi On The Rock TV. Here is the first video:

The guests they have announced so far include Casey Biggs (Damar on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Tony Amendola (Master Braetak on Stargate: SG-1), and Nalini Krishan (Baris Offee, Padawan Learner in Star Wars: Episode II).

I think every convention should find a way to this. These kinds of updates are much more interesting than the little mailers I was used to working with in the 1990s.


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