So I just discovered “Lovecraft Is Missing”

Several years ago I set up an H.P. Lovecraft forum for an old college friend of mine. He subsequently lost interest in Lovecraft Web forums and left me there to keep the fire burning.

Thanks, Blake.

Oh well — he’s helped me at times and we’ve been friends for years. Never mind the fact he never lets me go down in his cellar….

Anyway, I have striven to keep aloft the lofty flame of H.P. Lovecraft discussion (or news) at SF-Fandom in our H.P. Lovecraft Forum. A few kindred spirits have drifted into the discussions over the years and shared some news.

For some reason, however, I completely missed out on Larry Latham’s Lovecraft Is Missing comic. As a professional search engine optimizer I can easily see why I would not have found the site in search engines (it’s indexed but he makes the classic artist blunder of not including much indexable text on the pages). As a Lovecraft fan, I’m kicking myself for coming to the party a year late.

There’s just so much Web to cover and not enough of me to cover it, you might say.

Anyway, I looked at the comic after reading about it in this news story and it seems okay to me. It looks like Latham has been promoting the site through social media sites like Facebook.

I do have a Facebook account but I only use it to handle the inevitable requests my friends send me to attach to them through Facebook. I don’t sign up for all the little gizmos and gadgets (that always ask for money).

Which has nothing to do with Latham’s Lovecraft Is Missing Web comic. The artwork is of professional quality (in my opinion — of course, he’s a professional artist so that helps). What I mean is, it’s a darned nice looking comic. Okay?

So, I’ll have to find some time to catch up on this project, which apparently started out life as a CD-ROM game or something. Yeah, I missed that, too.


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