A quick look at Jessica Slavik’s “Spacemare”

I found this gem on YouTube a few days ago and decided to share it on both SF Fandom blogs today. So let’s officially declare September 22, 2009 to be Jessica Slavik’s Spacemare Day! — or not. Sorry. I had scheduled this post for September 22 but bumped it for other stories and forgot to update the opening paragraph.

“Spacemare” promises to be a low-budget film in the classic tradition of all low-budget science fiction films, except this one is in color!

I have no idea of who Jessica Slavik is. I couldn’t find a dedicated Web site for her, although she does have a YouTube channel (check it out here).

There is art in this short little film, and I suspect some passion. I have no idea of how good the script is and I doubt the acting will be nominated for any Academy Awards, but the costumes alone tell me there is some passion in this story.

Shades of Ed Wood!

I can’t wait for the release! Go, Jessica!


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